“What I envision is a really beautiful, low country-style garden center that is perfect for local retail shopping and appropriate for the Richmond Hill community.” said Greg Elmgren, owner of Elmgren’s Services when asked about his aspirations for the 30 Cherokee Street property that he has been trying to purchase since May of 2013. “We want something that is really nice. With purchasing our own piece of commercial property, we will have the opportunity to do things that we just simply can’t do at our current location. At the 30 Cherokee property site – a location that is less than two miles down the same road we are currently on – we would be able to invest in and expand our retail business, while offering unique, personalized garden and landscaping services to the community.”

“We’ve spoken to many other business owners in the area, carefully explaining our situation as well as speaking with some of the residents that live in ‘the bottoms’. We want to make sure they look at something really beautiful everyday too – going to work and coming home,” continued Elmgren. “That’s important to us and thus far, everyone we have spoken to has been very welcoming and receptive to our re-location.”

The below preliminary site plan represents Elmgren’s early intentions for initial product placement, water management, equipment concealment and traffic flow. Elmgren has already agreed with the Richmond Hill City Council that it would be wisest to iron out additional details with a more formal site plan, but again he has respectfully asked for their approval prior to incurring the large expense of hiring an engineer.